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Gowri Shankar Ayurvedam Products, Mahabubnagar
Beauty is Happiness
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Gowri Shankar
#68, Beside water tank, Bagheeratha Colony, Mahabubnagar - 5009001.
Beside water tank
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10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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Bustand: 3 KM, Rail: 4 KM

Gowri Shankar  Ayurvedam Products in Mahabubnagar:

Face pack powder benifits:

1. To become ur skin smooth use some gowri powder in lemon, milk together and apply it for one month twice a day.

2. If ur skin is not glowing u can apply "awa nune" to ur skin and massage it for one month daily it glows ur skin for fairy look.

3. Mix gowri powder with curd to becaome as paste type and apply on ur face smoothly after that wash face with cool water it gives glow to ur face.

4. Apply cow ghee to ur face,after that wash with gowri powder u will get good color on u r face.

5. Mix gowri powder with milk apply to ur face it will improve ur face glowness, smoothness, fairyness.

Note:- If u get any type of pimples on face, black spots, color shade, we will prepare good powder particularily for the reason cause.

Hair oil benifits:

1. If ur losing ur hair apply green oil and massage it it stops ur hair losing problem and at the same time it reproduses the hair where it has losed.

2. Apply green oil to get good hair and it gives coolness to ur brain and relaxes ur head.

3. If ur head had any dandruf or itchingness apply green oil to get problem solved.

4. Apply green oil for three months upto the path of ur brain and massage smoothly to get good hair and avoid hair to become in grey color.

Note:- All the information which we told is true and ther is no side effects to u 100% garantee that ur problem get solved.

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