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 Pillalamarri is a beautiful tourist spot where people visit to see the Tribal culture, tradition, many magnificent temples, churches and Dargas. it is another major tourist attraction, which is popular for its 700 years figure. This ancient tree is honored as religious significance for thousands of devotees throughout the year. Tourists can also visit a small zoo, an aquarium museum and an archaeological museum which are nearby the Pillalamarri.


Pillalamarri is 4km in distance away from the Mahabubnagar town. There is a tomb of a Muslim Saint under the tree. Pillalamarri tree branches extend over an area of 3 acres. The meaning of Pillalamarri in Telugu is ‘Pillalu’=‘Children’ and ‘Marri’= ‘banyan tree’. There is such a shelter that at least 1000 people can easily rest under 700 year’s old Banyan tree. Also there is a boating facility in the location of Pillalamarri during the rainy season. The tree shows the appearance of a small bundle of greenery from a distance, but when you get close it looks like a large green umbrella.



 Another interesting thing about Pillalamarri is Archaeological Museum. It consists of several idols and articles of ancient people which expressive their culture & civilization. Unfortunately because of offensives of various rulers many of those got damaged but besides that there is a lot to see in Pillalamarri.