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Umamaheshwaram is located in Achampet Mandal of Mahabubnagar District in between Hyderabad and Srisailam Highway and it is 3 Kms away from Rangapuram village after Achampet. It is a hill temple regarded as North Gate of Srisailam temple which is located in picturesque Nallamalla Forest.

Umamaheshwaram is well known as North Entrance to Srisailam - one of the Jyotirlingas in India. Beautiful Shiva temple, a perennial water-hole that is fed from small streams in the mountain cracks, cool environment and breathtaking scenery of the Nallamalla forests all around.




After killing Ravana, Sri Rama started Pradakshina of Srisailam from this place. The important locations of this area are Papanashanam, waterfalls, Bhogamaheshwaram and the caves where the sages did meditation. Umamaheshwaram is a celebrated temple since Kakatiya Period and Maha Shivarathri is celebrated with great splendor here. The importance of this temple is mentioned in Puranas and Epics & Vedas.


Importance the Hills of Nallamalla Forests


Umamaheshwaram temple is situated on very tall hills of Nallamalla forests and dates back to 2nd century A.D. to reach the temple; one has to ride on very steep and dangerous curves of 5 mile length from the bottom of the hill. The presiding deities in Umamaheshwaram are Lard Siva and Parvathi, called as Mallikarjuna and Bhramarambadevi.


This place is popular for its Mysterious Papanashanam where you can always find a mug of water, inspite of withdrawing any amount of water from it throughout the year. It is around 200 meters away from the Sanctum Sanctorum - where water comes out underneath the huge rocks at the same rate all through the year. There is a crock-pot that gets filled with the water for every 5 minutes and overflows to water a stretch of Jasmine/other plants down the hill. It is said that all your sins would be washed away if you take a dip at this place. Water quality at this place is simply superb. Like this many water bodies are there on this stretch. The waters in the hills and woods look very beautiful and it is very cool even in summer. However none of them is perennial like Papa Nashanam. Nobody could figure out the source of water. Till today it is the Home for in numerous Sadhus.


It is said that visit to Srisailam sans Umamaheshwaram is incomplete. It is a top the hill properly covered by huge trees. Hill ranges shields temple and 500 metres of stretch to Papa Nashanam. So all through the day hardly any sun light falls on this stretch of 500 meters atop the hill. Thus maintaining the temperature below normal all through the year. This is the reason it is popularly known as Poor’s Ooti.


Importance of Temple


Lord Umamaheshwara swamy is a swayabhu lingam. Lord Srirama visited this place when doing Parikrama to Srisaila parvatam. This place is also described as Kubera Sthanam. Goddess Uma Devi present in left side of Lord Shiva. Mahishamardini idol present in right side of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesh and Lord Ayyappa also present in the main temple. Temples of Lord Veerabhadra swamy and Lord Janardhanaswamy also present in the way to Papavinasanam. Nagaraju idol also present in the way to Papavinasanam. Papavinasanam is a continuous water flow coming from hill rocks. There is a small pit where coming water stored which makes us easy to take the holy water with mugs. We can do a holy bath in this sacred place.


Special Days of Attraction


Shivaratri, Masa Shivaratri comes every month and Dasara Navaratrulu are the festivals and Karthika Masam period are grandly celebrated here. Thousands of devotees visit this place to washout their sins and to get their wishes come true.


How to Reach


1. Umamaheshwaram is very nearer (10-12 km) to Achampet, Mahabubnagar district. We have to go Achampet first, then Rangapur and from there Umamaheshwaram. Autos will be available from Achampet or from Rangapur.

2. Umamaheshwaram is also nearer to Munnanur (15 km). When we are coming from Srisailam, we have to get down at Munnanur from there pick an auto to reach Umamaheshwaram.

 3. Umamaheshwaram present on hill, there is no village near temple. But Rooms are available to stay for families. If anybody goes singly, he had to stay in Temple hall.