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 Mallela Theertham is in the middle of the dense forest. A walk down 350 steps is required to access the waterfall. Many mentors have performed penances here for Shiva and the Lord Shiva has appeared here to many of his devotees. It is believed that many tigers visit this place to drink water during the summer.


About Mallela Theertham


Mallela Theertham is a beautiful waterfall located at Nallamalla Forest in the Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh in India. The river Krishna flows through this forest. It is located at 58km away from Srisailam and 185 kilometers away from Hyderabad. It is 8km in diversion from the main city Hyderabad - Srisailam interstate. Mallela Theertham is in the midest of the thick forest. It is 50kilometers away from Srisailam. One must need to drive on a road that is completely muddy during the rainy season. It requires a walk of 350 steps to reach the waterfall.


Mallela Theertham is located at 9 km away from the village of Vatuvarlapalli on the high way of Hyderabad to Srisailam. It is located around 58 km away from Srisailam and 185 km away from Hyderabad. There is a direct bus service from Achampet. Mallela Theertham is the natural waterfall in Nallamalla forests. The water here falls from a height of about 500 meters and it is beautiful and attractive. Some high mountains and thick forests add beauty to nature. People believe that at the night times Ghandarva’s and Kinnera have come up and sing songs.




Mallela Theertham is in the middle of the dense forest. It requires a walk of 350 steps to reach the waterfall. The best flows are from October to February. March to June is the dry season. The remaining is the rainy months and is very difficult to drive on the muddy road. The water comes from a small stream in this area which flows through the dense jungle and then meets the Krishna River. Mallela Theertham is a good place to relax for a weekend to enjoy with friends and family. As Hyderabad is closer to many students and employees, they come here to enjoy their weekends. No food adequate facilities available here. It encourages people to bring their own food to spend a full day. It encourages people to keep the place clean and protect the environment.


As we strongly believe in exploring new places, Mallela Theertham (which is a place in the valley) was discovered as a potential site for Adventure by a team lead by Mr. Charan Singh and equipment in 1997, found in Nallamalla range, since then, the site has been used for various adventure activities. In recent times, however to find many changes in the area, the attraction is still held there.


Your attention is drawn by the waterfall in the middle of a dense forest. The fall is directly coming into a small Shiva lingam, and the height of the waterfall is about 150 meters. You can find the flow of water throughout the year but in summer the flow is tight. The water comes from a small stream through this place and flows through the dense jungle and then meets the Krishna River. Nallamalla forest is probably the largest place of virgin forest in southern India. Much of the forest is a part of the Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which has a population of tigers feasible.