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Farahabad is located in the forests of Nallamalla Hills in the Eastern Ghats at an attitude of about 914m. Farahabad literally means "Mount Pleasant". In Mahabubnagar District, the Dancing Water spot is an ideal destination for exploration of nature lovers. The place offers a stay in the natural ride with traditional paths across the river. The Tiger Wilds Jungle Camp located here provides camping facilities.

This place is located about 26 Kms away from Mannanur in deep forest area on the road from Hyderabad to Srisailam. These attractive Nallamalla Hills are also distributed in this district. This place is under the Nagarjuna Sagar and the Srisailam nature Sanctuary which is extending 3,500 squares. Also there is a tiger reserve. This area is famous for countless nature and covered with rare medicinal plants. Greater range of Nallamalla Hills, deep valleys, dense forests, small streams and sacred Krishna River, are the main attractions here. One can go for trekking and bird watching in the forest. To display all these natural places, the Forestry Department has established a view point called Farahabad.

A special attraction was created to show the forest from the point of a hill edge. If you see from that point, you can see the natural beauty of the Jungle. To attract the tourists, cottages have been built. Tigers in Nallamalla forests have a single national register. The survey that was conducted in 1932 during Nizam period had specified that there are 63 Tigers in this forest.